Restaurante Cosmo is an unmissable stop when visiting Valencia city centre. Neighbouring La Lonja and the Central Market, just a short walk from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, it is a discreet, peaceful establishment that will fulfil the desires of both foodies and people who follow designer trends.

No matter when you drop in, it is an oasis in our city’s epicentre; a restaurant where you can eat at any hour (absolutely any time, thanks to its all-day kitchen), a place where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of tourism and sample its eclectic, delicious menu. These range from traditional coca pastries to 100% vegetarian dishes, including its chef’s own delicacies: perfect rice dishes, juicy steaks, eggs cooked at a low heat with truffle flavourings, wild mushrooms and potatoes, and much more. There are so many tasty options to choose from, you will always have an excuse to go back.

If you are a night owl, they also offer something you will love: all types of cocktails, made according to extremely select recipes and quality mixing methods to ensure you enjoy an excellent evening out in a unique, original setting.

Here are some photographs of a selection of dishes you can enjoy at Restaurante Cosmo to whet your appetite:

burger vegana restaurante cosmo

coca valenciana restaurante cosmo

huevos con trufa y setas restauarante cosmo

desayuno restaurante cosmo

    Non-stop kitchen 7:00- 23:30h.
    María Cristina 8,
    46001 Valencia, Spain.
    Tel: +34 960 479 301