Simple is that shop you want someone to recommend when you travel to another city. That shop in which you can’t decide what to buy and are amazed by everything on offer. With a unique spirit that vindicates craftsmanship, family businesses and the authenticity of every product on sale, Simple has everything you could dream of taking home from Valencia.

We recommend that all lovers of ceramics, pottery and innovative or traditional design visit because the products are worth seeing. The shop has everything from special decorative pieces to the most unique kitchen sets. There’s also a great selection of wicker products, both decorative pieces and traditional baskets, as well as bags fit for fashionistas. Old sets, peculiar objects and rare collectable items with a unique charm, Simple shop is a must-visit for those looking for something different, handmade and unique.

tienda simple valencia


    Monday to saturday: 10-14h and 17-20:45h
    Sunday:  10:30 – 14:40h
    Carrer del Palau, 5, 46003 València.
    Tel: +34 963 92 50 22