The museum of ideas, modernity and illustration is one of the most unusual museums in the city. As well as being home to a large number of temporary exhibitions of great artistic and cultural interest, the permanent MuVIM exhibition is a joy in itself.

It provides a risky communicative offering which will guide you through the different stages of Valencian illustration. Not only can you see it, but you can also hear, feel and immerse yourself in the story of each scene represented there. It tells us how ideas form and change society over time, from the middle ages until now. Moreover, this tour is available in four languages: Valencian, Spanish, English and French.

The MuVIM always offers something different in its programme which is constantly updated; from musical performances and concerts, cinema series to workshops not only for adults but for children and all the family. Thanks to the museum’s offering, the building’s modern architecture and the surrounding garden filled with archaeological excavations and remains from Roman times, the MuVIM has something for everyone.